Zechariah : Teaching when Ecclesiastical Confusion Abounds (Morning Bible Readings)
Zechariah 1 - Divine Presence Recognized (BC)
Zechariah 2 - Divine Protection Reaffirm (HB)
Zechariah 3 - Divine Priesthood Restored (WM)
Zechariah 4 - Divine Privilege Revealed (JS)
Zechariah 5 - Divine Principles Restated (BC)
Zechariah 6 - Divine Pre-eminence Re-established (WM)
Zechariah 7 - Divine Pronouncements Received (JS)
Zechariah 8 - Divine Promises Reassured  (HB)

Ministries on the House in Paul's Ministries (Afternoon Ministries)
God's Building in 1 Corinthians (WM)
God's Temple in 1 Corinthians (HB)
God's Temple in 2 Corinthians (JS)
God's House in 1 Timothy (BC)

Ministries on the House (Evening Ministries)
Daniel's Confession - Daniel 9  (HB)
Ezra's Consolidation - Ezra 8 (WM)
Nehemiah's Confirmation -Nehemiah 8 (BC)
Haggai's Construction - Haggai 1-2 (JS)
Malachi's Concern - Malachi 3 (HB)

Speakers :
BC - Mr Brian Currie
HB - Dr Howard Barnes
JS - Mr John See
WM - Mr Wesley Martin

Recordings can be downloaded from here.

Conference Hymn
St. Theodulph

Our Father we would bless Thee
For Thine exceeding grace.
As sons we now address Thee
Brought now before Thy face;
The Son of God most glorious
Came from those heights above,
Thy family to gather,
Thou God of light and love.

Our sins are all forgiven
Lord Jesus for Thy sake,
Through Thee we know the Father
And of Thy love partake;
We now are God's dear children,
And we have found in Thee,
Our satisfying portion
For all eternity.

Strong in the strength Thou givest,
We overcome the foe,
Thy Word our daily manna
As on by faith we go;
The world and its temptations
From henceforth we would flee,
Our inmost soul's affections,
Are set, O Lord on Thee.

So with our eyes, Lord Jesus,
More fully fixed on Thee,
We lean upon Thy bosom,
And still would following be,
Till in the Father's presence,
The family complete,
Shall see Thee, and be like Thee,
And sing Thy praises sweet.

Then shall God's loving purpose
Through Thee be gratified,
Then shall Thy heart, Lord Jesus,
Be fully satisfied;
And we in that bright glory
Shall see Thee face to face,
The objects there forever,
Of rich unchanging grace.

~ Thomas Bentley ~