Assembly Indestructible Quadrangle Part 9

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"And they continued stedfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers." Acts 2:42

Book - apostles' doctrine
Brotherhood - fellowship
Blessingbreaking of bread
Battle - prayers

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Thank you for your support and readership.  The next post will resume D.V. beginning of next year 2014.  Wishing you a blessed time of vacation and season greetings to all.


One Thing

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One thing of promises (Jos 23:14)
One thing of person (2Sam 3:13)
One thing of punishment (Job 9:22)
One thing of passion (Ps 27:4)
One thing of passing (Eccl 3:19)
One thing of power (Matt 21:24, Luke 20:3)
One thing of provision (Mark 10:21, Luke 18:22)
One thing of practice (Luke 6:9)
One thing of priority (Luke 10:42)
One thing of praise (John 9:25)
One thing of pursuit (Phil 3:13)
One thing of peril (2 Pet 3:8)



Prophet Priest Potentate Part 3

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Christ is Prophet, Priest and Potentate.

As Prophet, He expresses the Word of God
As Priest, He executes the Work of God
As Potentate, He enforces the Will of God

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