Paramount Conference 2016 @ Fraser's Hill

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Bible Readings
Passover – Purchased Redemption (Num 29:16; Ex 12) JH
Unleavened Bread – Purging Repugnancy (Num 28:17-25) JF
Firstfruits – Powerful Resurrection (Deut 26:1-10) PA
Pentecost – Paraclete Realized (Deut 16:9 -12) GK
Trumpets – Prophetic Revelation (Num 29:1-6) JH
The Day of Atonement – Positional Reconciliation (Num 29:7-11) JF
Tabernacles – Peaceful Reign (Num 29:12-40) PA
Sabbatical Year and Its Law – Perpetual Rest (Part 1) GK
Sabbatical Year Of Jubilee – Perpetual Rest (Part 2) JF

Morning Ministries
Lev 23:1-3 The Time Bound Weekly Sabbaths (PA)
Heb 1-8 The Transcendency of Christ (JH)
John 14, 17 The Triune Godhead (GK)
Rev 5 The Triumphant Heavenly Song (JF)

Evening Ministries
Responses to God's Call (JH)
Responsibilities in the Work (GK)
Resources in the Word (JF)
Reliability and Reputation (PA)
Reports to the Assembly (JH)

Paul Andrews (PA)
John Fleck (JF)
Jack Hay (JH)
Gideon Khoo (GK)

MP3 recordings can be downloaded here


Bible Reading

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"So they read in the Book in the Law of God distinctly, and gave the sense, and caused them to understand the reading." Neh 8:8

Exercise - they read
Education - in the Book in the Law of God
Exegesis - distinctly,
Explanation - and gave the sense,
Engagement - and caused them
Edification - to understand the reading.


The Servant's Songs Part 6

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Isa 42 Christ accomplished all for God
Isa 49 Christ leaves all with God
Isa 50 Christ obeys all from God
Isa 53 Christ sacrifices all for God 



Four Dangerous Man

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Col 2:4 Dangerous because of his Words
Col 2:8 Dangerous because of his Wisdom
Col 2:16 Dangerous because of his Works
Col 2:18 Dangerous because of his Worship


Outline of Nehemiah 6

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Neh 6:1-14 Contention of the Foes
- Enemy's Persistence to Distract (Neh 6:1-4)
   Tidings (Neh 6:1)
   Trap (Neh 6:2)
   Turndown (Neh 6:3)
   Tenacity (Neh 6:4)
- Enemy's Perversion to Discredit (Neh 6:5-9)
   Fabrication of the Epistle (Neh 6:5)
   Falsehood of the Enemies (Neh 6:6-7)
   Fact of the Episode (Neh 6:8)
   Fear and Fortitude of Engagement (Neh 6:9)
- Enemy's Prophecy to Deceive (Neh 6:10-14)
   Intimidation (Neh 6:10)
   Insignificance  (Neh 6:11)
   Impersonation (Neh 6:12)
   Intention (Neh 6:13)
   Imprecation (Neh 6:14)

Neh 6:15-19 Completion of the Fortification
- The Heathen/Enemy's Perception (Neh 6:15-16)
   Date and Duration (Neh 6:15)
   Disappointment and Discernment (Neh 6:16)
- The Highborn/Elite's Persuasion (Neh 6:17-19)
   Communication (Neh 6:17)
   Confederation (Neh 6:18)
   Commendation (Neh 6:19a)
   Complaints (Neh 6:19b)