Morning Bible Readings
Christ the Son - More Excellent than Prophets and Angels (PA)
Christ the Man - More Powerful than Angels (RM)
Christ the Apostle And High Priest - More Worthy than Moses (DV)
Christ the Great High Priest - More Honorable than Aaron (WB)
Christ's Melchisedec Priesthood – More Greatness than the Levitical Priesthood (RM)
Christ's Mediatory Ministry - More Excellent than The Old (PA)
Christ's Atoning Blood - More Efficacious than Blood of Animals (WB)
Christ's Sacrifice - More Enduring Than Bulls and Goats (DV)
Christ the Son Trodden - More Sore Punishment than under Law (RM)

Afternoon Sessions
Hebrews 6 - Let Us Go On To Maturity (WB)
Hebrews 11 - Without Faith Impossible (PA)
Hebrews 12 - Let Us Run With Patience (DV)
Hebrews 13 - Let Brotherly Love Continue (RM)

Evening Ministries 
Genesis 22 - Christ Our Provision Seen In A Submissive Son (PA)
Exodus 12 - Christ Our Passover Seen In a Slaughtered Lamb (DV)
Leviticus 16 - Christ Our Propitiation Seen In A Solemn Day (RM)
Numbers 19 - Christ Our Purification Seen In A Slain Red Heifer (WB)
Deuteronomy 18 - Christ Our Prophet Seen In A Superior Title (PA)

PA - Paul Andrews
RM - Robert McKeown
DV - David Vallance
WB - William Banks

Recordings can be downloaded from here.