Morning Bible Readings
Christ the Son - More Excellent than Prophets and Angels (PA)
Christ the Man - More Powerful than Angels (RM)
Christ the Apostle And High Priest - More Worthy than Moses (DV)
Christ the Great High Priest - More Honorable than Aaron (WB)
Christ's Melchisedec Priesthood – More Greatness than the Levitical Priesthood (RM)
Christ's Mediatory Ministry - More Excellent than The Old (PA)
Christ's Atoning Blood - More Efficacious than Blood of Animals (WB)
Christ's Sacrifice - More Enduring Than Bulls and Goats (DV)
Christ the Son Trodden - More Sore Punishment than under Law (RM)

Afternoon Sessions
Hebrews 6 - Let Us Go On To Maturity (WB)
Hebrews 11 - Without Faith Impossible (PA)
Hebrews 12 - Let Us Run With Patience (DV)
Hebrews 13 - Let Brotherly Love Continue (RM)

Evening Ministries 
Genesis 22 - Christ Our Provision Seen In A Submissive Son (PA)
Exodus 12 - Christ Our Passover Seen In a Slaughtered Lamb (DV)
Leviticus 16 - Christ Our Propitiation Seen In A Solemn Day (RM)
Numbers 19 - Christ Our Purification Seen In A Slain Red Heifer (WB)
Deuteronomy 18 - Christ Our Prophet Seen In A Superior Title (PA)

PA - Paul Andrews
RM - Robert McKeown
DV - David Vallance
WB - William Banks

Recordings can be downloaded from here.



Dear Frankie,

May God richly bless you for posting the recordings for this year's conference which will surely benefit this who missed part or all of it.

Thanks and warm regards,

Yours in Him,
Cha Heng

June 3, 2012 at 11:46 PM

Dear brother,
Thank you for this post. Have missed your posts very much.


June 4, 2012 at 1:54 PM

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