Paramount Conference 2015 @ Fraser's Hill

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Bible Readings
Ex 25:23-30 The Table of Shewbread - God's Provision (BC)
Ex 26:1-14 The Curtains of Linen and the Coverings - God's Protection (JP)
Ex 26:15-30 The Boards and the Sockets - God's Plan (WS)
Ex 26:31-37 The Inner veil and the Outer Screen - God's Preference (BC)
Ex 27:1-8 The Brazen Altar - God's Purpose (AM)
Ex 27:9-21 The Court of the Tabernacle - God's Principles (JP)
Ex 30:1-10 The Golden Altar of Incense - God's Plea (WS)
Ex 30:17-21 The Laver - God's Purity (AM)
Ex 30:22-33 The Anointing Oil - God's Pleasure (AM)

Afternoon Ministries
Psalm 69 Lily of the Valley – Calvary (WS)
Psalm 45 Lily of the Field – Glory (JP)
Psalm 80 Lily among Thorns – Tribulation (JP)
Psalm 60 Lily in the Garden – Victory (BC)

Evening Ministries
Ex 25:1-9 The Tabernacle In the Midst of Israel - Introduction (BC)
Ex 25:10-22 The Ark of the Covenant (JP)
Ex 25:31-40 The Golden Lampstand (BC)
Ex 28-29 The High Priest (AM)
Ex 35-40 The Pillar of Cloud and the Pillar of Fire (WS)

Brian Currie (BC)
Jackie Palmer (JP)
Alan Summers (AM)
William Skates (WS)

MP3 recordings can be downloaded upon request.  Please leave your name, email and assembly in the comment.  Your comment will not be published.


Conference Month 2015

Thank you for your visits and comments to this blog.  You may not know that this is the month in this region when Bible conferences are usually held.  Recordings of ministries and Bible readings will  soon be posted.  Also, please note that postings of outlines will resume in July D.V.