Bible Readings
Principle of Headship (1Cor 11:1-16) (DM)
Participation of the Lord's Supper (1Cor 11:17-34) (TTL)
Purpose of Diverse Gifts (1Cor 12:1-17) (SW)
Provision of Variety of Gifts (1Cor 12:18-31) (GK)
Practical Display of Charity (1Cor 13:1-13) (DM)
Prophecy Commendable (1Cor 14:1-14) (TTL)
Prominence of Teaching over Tongues (1Cor 14:15-28) (SW)
Propriety of Gifts and Assembly Testimony (1Cor 14:29-40) (SW)
Preeminence of Christ in Resurrection (1Cor 15:1-11) (DM)

Afternoon Ministries
Walking in Truth (2 John) (GK)
Work of a Missionary (Acts 20) (SW)
Well-beloved Appreciated (Rom 16) (TTL)
Workers for God (Acts 13 (DM) 

Evening Ministries
Move to Rebuild the Temple (Ezra 1-6) (GK)
Motivated to Revive Spiritual Conditions (Ezra 7-10) (GK)
Mystery of God's Mercy (Jonah 1-3) (DM)
Mission to Contend for the Faith (Jude) (SW)
Manifestation of Brotherly Love (Philemon) (TTL)

Gideon Khoo (GK)
David McAllister (DM)
Tan Teck Leng (TTL)
Stanley Wells (SW)

MP3 recordings can be downloaded here.


Conference Month 2014

Thank you for your visits and comments to this blog.  You may not know that this is the month in this region when Bible conferences are usually held.  Recordings of ministries and Bible readings will  soon be posted.  Also, please note that postings of outlines will resume in July D.V.