Evening Ministries
The Death of Christ Heard Anticipatively in Gospels (TB)
The Death of Christ Grasped Doctrinally in 1 Corinthians (DA)
The Death of Christ Applied Practically in Galatians (CH)
The Death of Christ Recalled Faithfully in 1 Peter (SM)
The Death of Christ Enjoyed Eternally in Revelation (TB)

Morning Bible Readings
The Burnt Offering (DA)
The Meal Offering (CH)
The Peace Offering (TB)
The Sin Offering (SM)
The Trespass Offering (CH)
The Cleansing of the Leper (DA)
The Day of Atonement (SM)
The Red Heifer (TB)

Afternoon Ministries
Musings on Micah (SM)
Healing from Hosea (DA)
Helps from Haggai (CH)
Zeal from Zechariah (TB)

David Alves (DA)
Thomas Bentley (TB)
Colin Hutchinson (CH)
Steward Macdonald (SM)

MP3 Recordings can be downloaded from here.


Evening Ministries
John 1:1-18  The Everlasting Word (TB)
John 3:1-26  The Only Begotten Son of God (JP)
John 4:1-45  The Saviour of the World (JS)
John 5:19-47 The Honoured Son (TW)
John 6:26-71 The Bread of Life (TB)

Morning Bible Readings
John 10 The Door of the Tabernacle - The Claim of Christ (TW)
John 11 The High Priest - The Comfort of Christ (JS)
John 12 The Brazen Altar - The Cross of Christ (JP)
John 13 The Laver - The Cleansing of Christ (TB)
John 14 The Table of Shewbread - The Communion of Christ (JS)
John 15 The Lampstand - The Capacity of Christ (TB)
John 16 The Golden Altar - The Certainty of Christ (TW)
John 17 The Holiest - The Completeness of Christ (JP)

Afternoon Ministries
Zest from Zephaniah (TB)
News from Nahum (JS)
Observations from Obadiah (JP)
Jewels from Jonah (TW)

Thomas Bentley (TB)
Jackie Palmer (JP)
John See (JS)
Tom Wilson (TW)

MP3 recordings can be downloaded here.


Paramount Conference 2000 @ Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

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Bible Readings
The Reason of His Rule - Covenantal (DG)
The Range of His Rule - Universal (TB)
The Reliability of His Rule - Regal (JM)
The Result of His Rule - Creatorial (SW)
The Restoration of His Rule - National (SW)
The Recovery of His Rule - Spiritual (DG)
The Ramification of His Rule (TM)
The Range of His Rule - Supernal (JM)

Afternoon Ministries
How God can Impart His Call (TB)
How I can Implicate God's Call (SW)
How I can Implement God's Call (JM)
How I can Impugn God's Call (DG)

Evening Ministries 
The Theological Context of the Millennium (TB)
The Territorial Compass of the Millennium (JM)
The Triumphal Chorus of the Millennium (DG)
The Testimonial Course of the Millennium (SW)
The Temperamental Conclusion of the Millennium (DG)

Thomas Bentley (TB)
David Gilliland (DG)
Jim McColl (JM)
Stan Wells (SW)

Work of converting tapes to MP3 is in progress.  Available recordings can be downloaded here.


Bible Readings
Confronting Division in the Church of God at Corinth (1Cor 1:1-17) (BC)
Contrasting God's Wisdom and World's Wisdom (1Cor 1:18-2:16) (JG)
Comparing Spiritual and Carnal (1Cor 3:1-23) (HB)
Correcting Misconceptions about Stewards (1Cor 4:1-21) (JG)
Condemning Toleration of Moral Depravity (1Cor 5:1-13) (HB)
Cautioning against Litigation and Sexual Immorality (1Cor 6:1-20) (BC)
Counselling on Matters of Marriage (1Cor 7:1-16) (BC)
Counselling on Principles Governing Celibacy and Marriage (1Cor 7:17-40) (JG)
Concerning Things Offered to Idols and the Weak Conscience (1Cor 8:1-13) (GK)

Afternoon Ministries
Courage to Set in Order (Titus 1) (HB)
Competence to Teach (Titus 2) (BC)
Care to Maintain Good Works (Titus 3) (JG)
Evangelism Principles and Updates (JS)

Evening Ministries
Solomon : Discernment - Sought Wisdom and Knowledge (BC)
Asa : Determination - Sought to do Good (HB)
Jehoshaphat : Dedication - Strengthened Himself (JG)
Hezekiah : Devotion - Sanctified Themselves (JG)
Josiah : Diligence - Stepped in the Right Path (GK)

Howard Barnes (HB)
Brian Currie (BC)
John Grant (JG)
Gideon Khoo (GK)
John See (JS)

MP3 recordings can be downloaded here.

Conference Hymn
(1 Corinthians 1-5)
Tune : Campeche

Sanctified in Christ Jesus, called,
We know such grace and peace divine,
Enriched in blessings that enthralled.
All of our hearts in joy combine
To praise the God Who will ensure
That we are spotless evermore.

Thanks be to God for all His grace,
Which has supplied to us below,
All blessings as the heaven-born race,
Empowered in everything to know,
His testament in us confirmed,
In us who have His faith affirmed.

Waiting the coming of our Lord,
We hear the pleadings of His voice.
Speaking the same without discord,
Perfectly joined, agreed in choice,
So we will please the One Who died,
And everything for us supplied.

Where is the scribe? Where is the wise?
God has made foolish this world’s sense.
Therefore today our gospel cries,
‘Christ crucified’, God’s power immense.
God’s wisdom and His power combined,
In Christ our Saviour, all enshrined.

Christ the foundation has been laid,
Let us take heed of how we build,
Gold, silver, precious stones arrayed,
Or with the hay and stubble thrilled?
Christ will assess what sort was used,
What pleases Him, and what’s refused.

Passover Lamb, our blessed Lord,
Sacrificed once upon the tree,
Him would we praise with one accord,
Keeping the feast we all agree,
That we will show sincerity,
Leading our lives in verity.

~ Howard Barnes ~