Studies in the Origin and the Ongoing Testimony in Galatians (Morning Bible Readings)
Acts 14 - The Arrival of the Blessing in Galatia (HB)
Acts 15 - The Answer to the Bewilderment in Galatia (DO)
Galatians 1 - The Reliability of the Heavenly Gospel (HB)
Galatians 2 - The Radiance of the Heavenly Life (JS)
Galatians 3 - The Richness of the Heavenly Gift (DO)
Galatians 4 - The Reality of the Heavenly Source (HB)
Galatians 5 - The Relevance of the Heavenly Liberty (JS)
Galatians 6 - The Responsibility of the Heavenly Relationship (TB)

The Relevance of the Cross (Afternoon Ministries)
The Cross in Galatians (TB)
The Cross in Ephesians (HB)
The Cross in Philippians (JS)
The Cross in Colossians (DO)

The Life of Abraham (Evening Ministries)
Genesis 12 - 14 : The Path, Patience and Power of Faith (TB)
Genesis 15 - 16 : The Privilege and Problems of Faith (HB)
Genesis 17 - 19 : The Process, Progress and Pain of Faith (DO)
Genesis 20 - 22 : The Price, Prize and Perfection of Faith (JS)
Genesis 23 - 24 : The Patience and Precaution of Faith (HB)

Recordings can be downloaded from here.

Speakers :
HB - Dr Howard Barnes
TB - Mr Thomas Bentley
DO - Mr David Oliver
JS - Mr John See

Conference Hymn

The half hath not been told us,
Lord Jesus of Thyself
Of all Thy matchless glory,
Of all Thy boundless wealth;
Co-equal with the Father
From all eternity,
Our hearts are filled with wonder
As Lord we gaze on Thee.

The half hath not been told us,
Of all Thy love and grace,
For Thou didst come from heaven
To save our fallen race;
The highest place in glory
Is Thine by sovereign right,
And yet Thou didst exchange it,
For sorrow's darkest night.

O blessed Lord of glory
How could Thou love us so!
Thy love must be most precious
To bear such depths of woe;
We only understand it
As by Thy Spirit taught,
For Lord, Thy love exceedeth
Beyond our utmost thought.

And when in yonder glory
We see Thee face to face
We still will then by learning
The riches of Thy grace;
The half hath not been told us,
But O what joy awaits,
The souls of them that love Him
Beyond those pearly gates.

Then shall Thy praise like thunder
Resound from shore to shore,
While we Thy saints with wonder,
Thy glories still explore:
Our songs of praise and worship
To God and to the Lamb,
We'll sing through endless ages,
A repeated loud - Amen!

~ Thomas Bentley ~


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