The Fourth Servant Song

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The Supreme One - exalted and extolled, and be very high (Isa 52:13)
The Striking One - more than any man, more than the sons of men (Isa 52:14)
The Saving One - sprinkle many nations (Isa 52:15)
The Strong One - the Arm of the Lord (Isa 53:1)
The Sensitive One - a tender Plant (Isa 53:2)
The Sorrowing One - a Man of sorrows (Isa 53:3)
The Smitten One - smitten of God, and afflicted (Isa 53:4)
The Suffering One - He was wounded, He was bruised (Isa 53:5)
The Sin-bearing One - The Lord laid on Him the iniquity (Isa 53:6)
The Silent One - He opened not His mouth (Isa 53:7)
The Stricken One - was He stricken (Isa 53:8)
The Sincere One - neither was any deceit (Isa 53:9)
The Submissive One - it pleased the Lord (Isa 53:10)
The Satisfied One - shall be satisfied (Isa 53:11)
The Successful One - He shall divide the spoil (Isa 53:12)

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