Outline of Revelation 5

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Testament of the Written Scroll (Rev 5:1-4)
Rev 5:1 Seals
Rev 5:2 Search
Rev 5:3 Situation
Rev 5:4 Sorrow

Triumph of the Worthy Saviour (Rev 5:5-7)
Rev 5:5a Majesty "Lion of the tribe of Juda"
Rev 5:5b Mystery "Root of David"
Rev 5:6 Mediation "in the midst ... stood"
Rev 5:6a Manner "Lamb"
Rev 5:6b Marks "as it had been slain"
Rev 5:6c Magnificence  "seven horns and seven eyes"
Rev 5:6d Magnitude "seven Spirits of God"
Rev 5:7 Mastery "He came and took"

Thrill of the Worshipping Saints (Rev 5:8-14)
Rev 5:8 Prayer
Rev 5:9-10 Psalm
Rev 5:11-13 Praise
Rev 5:14 Prostration


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