Chiastic Outline of Genesis 17

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A Abram's age (Gen 17:1a)
B  The Lord appeared to Abram (Gen 17:1b)
C   God's First Speech (Gen 17:1-2)
C   Covenant and Multiplication
D    Abram fell on his face (Gen 17:3)
E     God's Second Speech (Gen 17:4-8)
E     Abram's name changed, kings (Gen 17:5)
F      God's Third Speech (Gen 17:9-14)
F       Covenant Kept (Gen 17:9)
G        Every Child (Gen 17:10)
X          Circumcision - Token of Covenant (Gen 17:11-12)
G'       Borned or Bought (Gen 17:13)
F'       Covenant Broken (Gen 17:14)
E'     God's Fourth Speech (Gen 17:15-16)
E'     Sarai's name changed, kings (Gen 17:15)
D'    Abraham falls on his face (Gen 17:17-18)
C'   God's Fifth Speech (Gen 17:19-21)
C'   Covenant and Multiplication
B'  God went up from Abraham (Gen 17:22)
A' Abraham's age, Ishmael's age (Gen 17:24-25)


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