Outline of Leviticus 1

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Lev 1:1-2 Sacrifice to be Burnt (Exercise)
- Calling
- Command
- Congregation
- Consecration
- Cattle

Lev 1:3-13 Significance of the Beasts (Expectation)
- Strength of the Herd (Lev 1:3-9)
   Attributes of the Offering (Lev 1:3)
   Association with the Offering (Lev 1:4a)
   Acceptance of the Offerer  (Lev 1:4b)
   Atonement by the Offering (Lev 1:5a)
   Action of the Priests (Lev 1:5b-6)
   Arrangement of the Offering (Lev 1:7-8)
   Ablution of the Parts (Lev 1:9a)
   Ablaze by the Priest (Lev 1:9b
   Aroma unto the Lord (Lev 1:9c)
- Steps of the Flock (Lev 1:10-13)
   Selection in the Flock (Lev 1:10
   Similiarity with the First (Lev 1:11-13)

Lev 1:14-17 Substitute of the Birds (Exception)
- Breed
- Breaking
- Blood Body Bowels
- Burning
- Breath


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