Day of Atonement

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A "And the LORD spake unto Moses" (Lev 16:1)
B  Access into the Holy Place restricted, not at all times (Lev 16:2)
C   Sacrifice, Holy Garments (Lev 16:3,4)
D    People's Sin Offering and Burnt Offering (Lev 16:5)
E     Bullock, Lot, Scapegoat and Goat (Lev 16:6-10)
F      Atonement for the Priests (Lev 16:11)
G      Burning Coals : Sweet Incense (Lev 16:12,13)
H       Blood sprinkled Seven Times (Lev 16:14)
H        Slain goat sacrificed as sin offering (Lev 16:15)
I           Reason for Atonement (Lev 16:16)
X           No man except Aaron can make Atonement (Lev 16:17)
I           Realisation of Atonement (Lev 16:18,20)
H        Blood sprinkled Seven Times (Lev 16:19)
H       Scapegoat sent to the wilderness (Lev 16:21,22)
G      Burning Fat : Sweet Savour (Lev 16:24,25)
F      Atonement for the People (Lev 16:24)
E     Scapegoat, Bullock and Goat (Lev 16:26-28)
D    People's Repentance and Rest (Lev 16:29-31)
C   Linen Clothes, Holy Garments (Lev 16:32)
B  Atonement for Holy Sanctuary required, once a year (Lev 16:33)
A "As the LORD commanded Moses" (Lev 16:34)


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