Chiastic Outline of 2 John

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A Greeting to Elect Lady and Her Children (2John 1:1a)
A Fellowship in Truth, hope to communicate (2John 1:1b-2)
Greeting Formulated: Grace, Mercy and Peace (2John 1:3a)
C   Relationship of the Father and the Son (2John 1:3b)
D     Found, Great Joy (2John 1:4a)
E      Truth and her Children (2John 1:4b)
F       From the beginning (2John 1:5ab)
G        We love one another (2John 1:5c)
X          This is love (2John 1:6a)
G        We walk after His commandments (2John 1:6b)
F       From the beginning  (2John 1:6c)
E      Transgression and her Deceivers (2John 1:7)
D     Lose not, Full Reward (2John 1:8)
C   Rejection of the Son and the Father (2John 1:9)
Greeting Forbidden: God Speed (2John 1:10-11)
A Fellowship of Two, hope to come (2John 1:12)
A Greeting from Elect Sister and Her Children (2John 1:13)


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