Losing Sight 1864-2014

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This book "Losing Sight", written by Samuel Wee, is a review of one hundred and fifty years (1864-2014) of assembly testimony in Singapore. It comprises seven papers of which the last will be of particular interest to many. This paper tells the untold story of the persecution faced by our beloved late brother Mr Thomas Bentley when he stood up for the truth of assembly testimony.

One may ask, losing sight of what? To many companies who have departed from the truth, it is Christ. To those who faithfully abide by the Word, it is the world. These papers survey the history of the "brethren" in Singapore chronologically, contextually and critically. It documents the work of various missionaries, local brethren and the issues that they faced. In its pages, we read of assemblies that started well and ended up deviating from the divinely charted way by succumbing to the prevalent influences of Christendom. Surely, this is a solemn warning to us all that we ought to value our heritage and to remain faithful to the divine principles that govern our assembly testimony.

This blog heartily recommends this book to all who profess to be in assembly fellowship.

Download the PDF here.


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