Chiastic Outline of James

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A Patience and Perfect Work (James 1:1-8)
B  Ways of the Rich, Vanity (James 1:9-11)
C   Lust and Enticement (James 1:12-15)
D    Holy Wisdom - Perfect  (James 1:16-18)
E     Consideration of the Engrafted Word (James 1:19-27)
E     Bridleth the Tongue
F      Faith of the Lord (James 2:1-7)
F      Contrast Appearance (Poor Judgment)
X       Royal Law of Fraternity
X        Consistency and Compassion (James 2:8-13)
X       Law of Liberty of Forbearance
F      Faith that is Lifeless (James 2:14-26)
F      Contrast Actions (Proven Justification)
E     Contradiction of our Words (James 3:1-12)
E     Bridleth the Tongue
D    Heavenly Wisdom - Peaceable (James 3:13-18)
C   Lust and Enmity (James 4:1-12)
B  Wealth of the Rich, Vanishing (James 4:13-5:6)
A Patience and Perfect Waiting (James 5:7-20)


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