Outline of James 3

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James 3:1-12 Powerful Words of the Tongue
- Injunction (James 3:1-2)
   Prudence - Condemnation of Teachers (James 3:1)
   Perfection - Control of Tongues (James 3:2)
- Illustrations (James 3:3-6)
   Behold the Reins of a Steed
    Overriding - we put bits in the horses' mouths
    Obedience - that they may obey us
    Operation - we turn about their whole body
   Behold the Rudder of a Ship
     Massiveness - the ships, which though they be so great
     Might - are driven of fierce winds
     Maneuver - yet are they turned about
     Minuteness - with a very small helm
     Mandate - whithersoever the governor listeth
     Member - the tongue is a little member
     Magnification - boasteth great things
   Behold the Ruination of a Spark
     Explosion of Ignition - how great a matter a little fire kindleth! 
     Expansion of Iniquity - And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity:
     Entirety of Influence - so is the tongue among our members, that it defileth the whole body,
     Extent of Injury - and setteth on fire the course of nature;
     Evil and Infernal - and it is set on fire of hell.
- Incorrigibility (James 3:7-8)
   Tamed and Dominated (James 3:7)
   Tongue is Deadly (James 3:8)
    Vicious - can no man tame
    Vile - it is an unruly evil
    Venomous Words - full of deadly poison
- Inconsistency (James 3:9-12)
   Unmixed Flow (James 3:9-11)
    Incompatibility (James 3:9)
     Blessing the Creator
     Berating His creatures
    Injunction (James 3:10)
    Impossibility (James 3:11)
   Unmistakable Fruits (James 3:12)
    Self Serving
    Self Aggrandizement

James 3:13-18 Peaceful Wisdom for Thought
- Honourable Works of a Submissive Man (James 3:13)
   Man - wise and understanding man
   Manifesting - let him show out
   Manner - good conversation his works
   Meetness - meekness of wisdom
- Human Wisdom of a Sensual Man (James 3:14-16)
  Demonstration - Contrast in Operations (James 3:14)
   Contempt - bitter
   Covetousness - envying
   Contention - strife
   Conceitedness, boasting - glory not
   Craftiness - lie not
  Diagnosis - Contrast in Origins (James 3:15)
   Not Spiritual - not from above
   Secular - earthly
   Soulical - sensual
   Satanic - devilish
  Diffusion - Contrast in Outcomes (James 3:16)
   Turmoil and Troubles
- Heavenly Wisdom for a Sensible, Serene Man (James 3:17-18)
    Chaste - pure
    Calm - peaceable
    Considerate - gentle
    Compliant - easy to be intreated
    Compassionate - full of mercy
    Charitable - full of good fruits
    Consistent - without partiality
    Conscientious - without hypocrisy


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