Outline of Nehemiah 13

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Neh 13:1-3 Unholy Settlers - Casting out the Heathen
- Restriction
- Reason
- Recovery
Neh 13:4-9 Unclean Sanctuary - Clearing of the Chambers
- Example from the Past (Neh 13:1-3)
- Evil of the Priest (Neh 13:4-6)
  Oversight of Eliashib
  Offense/Occupation of Tobiah
  Obligation of Nehemiah
- Eviction of the Professor (Neh 13:7-9)
  Conviction of the Culprits
  Correction of the Case
  Cleansing of the Chambers

Neh 13:10-14 Unsupported Servants - Contribution for the Levites
- Shortage of Tithes
- Striving with the Trespassers
- Supply of the Tribe
- Setting of the Testimony/Levites
- Stewards of the Treasuries
- Supplication of the Tirshatha

Neh 13:15-22 Unhallowed Sabbath - Commemorating the Sabbath
- Rest Profaned (Neh 13:15-16)
   Treading Wine
   Trading Wares
- Reprehension Pronounced (Neh 13:17-18)
   Present Contention with the Nobles
   Past Condemnation of the Nation
- Rectification Performed (Neh 13:19-21)
   Gates Shut
   Guards Set
   Greedy Separated
   Guilty Stopped
- Remembrance Petitioned (Neh 13:22)
   Levites Cleansed
   Leader Consecrated

Neh 13:23-31 Unsanctified Spouses - Cleansing the People and Priesthood
- Recovery (Neh 13:23-28)
   Error of Spousal (Neh 13:23)
   Evil of the Sin (Neh 13:24)
   Exaction of the Sinner (Neh 13:25)
   Example from the Scripture (Neh 13:26)
   Expulsion of the Scandalous (Neh 13:27-28)
- Remembrance (Neh 13:29-31)
   Corruption of Priesthood
   Cleansing of Priesthood
   Contribution for the Priesthood


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