Outline of Esther 5

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Esther 5:1-2 Boldness of Esther (Fearlessness)
 - Approach to the Sovereign (Esther 5:1)
    Attire Awaiting Authority
 - Acceptance by the Sceptre (Esther 5:2)
    Standing Sight Satisfaction Scepter Session

Esther 5:3-8 Backing of Ahasuerus (Favour)
- Favour with the Monarch (Esther 5:3-5)
   Request (Esther 5:3)
   Response (Esther 5:4)
   Reception (Esther 5:5)
- Feast in Masquerade (Esther 5:6-8)
   Probe (Esther 5:6)
   Politeness (Esther 5:7-8a)
   Postponement (Esther 5:8b)
   Promise (Esther 5:8c)

Esther 5:9-14 Boasting of Haman (Fancy)
- Gladness (Esther 5:9a)
- Gall (Esther 5:9b)
   No Respect and Recognition for Haman
- Grapple (Esther 5:10)
- Greatness (Esther 5:11-12)
   Fortune - "the glory of his riches"
   Family - "the multitude of his children"
   Fame - "all the things wherein the king had promoted him"
   Furtherance - "advanced him above the princes and servants of the king"
   Feast - "the banquet that she had prepared"
   Fellowship - "am I invited unto her also with the king"
- Grievance (Esther 5:13)
- Gallows (Esther 5:14)
   Masterminds - "Zeresh his wife and all his friends"
   Malice - "gallows be made"
   Measurement - "fifty cubits high"
   Morrow - "to morrow speak thou unto the king"
   Murder - "Mordecai may be hanged"
   Merriment - "go thou in merrily with the king unto the banquet"
   Making - "he caused the gallows to be made"


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