Feeding of the 5000

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Besides the resurrection of Christ, the miracle of the Lord Jesus feeding 5000 men is the only miracle recorded in the four Gospels. It is recorded in Matthew 14, Mark 6, Luke 9 and John 6. This must be a very significant miracle!

Although the four accounts can be harmonised to provide an overall picture, it is more profitable to understand the unique perspective of each evangelist's account. (Read this post on the reasons why it is better to leave the four accounts not harmonised).

From the divine perspective, the emphasis is on:
The Lord's command (1) - Matthew
The Lord's compassion (2) - Mark
The Lord's charity (3) - Luke
The Lord's control (4) - John

1. "They need not depart: give ye them to eat"
2. "Jesus...was moved with compassion toward them...He commanded them...sit down...upon green grass"
3. "He received them...and they did eat and were all filled"
4. "He Himself knew what He would do"


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