Outline of James 2

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James 2:1-4 Partiality Displayed against True Faith
- Pattern of the Saviour (James 2:1)
   Members - my brethren
   Model - the faith of
   Messiah - our Lord Jesus Christ
   Majesty - the Lord of glory
   Mandate, Manner - have not ..... with respect of persons
- Problem in the Synagogue (James 2:2-4)
   Contrast in Dressing (James 2:2)
   Change in Deference (James 2:3)
   Charge for Discrimination (James 2:4)

James 2:5-13 Principles Denied against True Faith
- Pattern in Divine Selection (James 2:5-7)
   Willingness of the Poor
   Wickedness of the Plenteous
- Precept of the Divine Scripture (James 2:8-13)
   Command to Love, Impartiality (James 2:8-9)
   Chain of Law, Indivisibility (James 2:10-11)
   Caution of Lapse, Indictment (James 2:12-13)

James 2:14-26 Practices Demanded of True Faith
- Two Pertinent Enquiries on Lopsided Faith (James 2:14)
   Faith that is Profitless
   - it cannot serve any purpose (James 2:14a)
   Faith that is Powerless
   - it cannot save any person (James 2:14b)
- Two Present Examples for Lifeless Faith (James 2:15-20)
   Defunct Faith - Destitute Starved (James 2:15-17)
    Inadequacy (James 2:15)
    Insult (James 2:16a)
    Indifference (James 2:16b)
    Implication (James 2:16c)
    Inoperativeness (James 2:17)
   Dead Faith - Demons Shuddered (James 2:18-20)
    Expressed Faith that Tinkles (James 2:18a)
    Exemplary Faith that Triumphs (James 2:18b)
    Evil Faith that Trembles (James 2:19)
    Empty Faith under Test (James 2:20)
- Two Past Examples for Living Faith (James 2:21-26)
   Perfect Faith - Sacrifice of the Prosperious, Abraham (James 2:21-24)
    Offering (James 2:21)
    Outworking (James 2:22)
    Outcome (James 2:23)
    Observation (James 2:24)
     Expression of Works
     Essence of Faith
   Proven Faith - Service of the Poor, Rahab (James 2:25-26)
    Vindication - Rahab the harlot justified by works
    Verification - she had received the messengers,
    Validation - sent them out another way
    Verdict (James 2:26)
     Anthropological Parallel
     Affirmed Principle


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