Outline of Nehemiah 9

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Neh 9:1-4 Holiness - Approach to Jehovah
- Sorrow
- Separation
- Study
- Supplication    

Neh 9:5-31 History - Antiquity of the Jews
- Days of Wonder
   God of Creation (Neh 9:5-6)
   God of Covenant (Neh 9:7-8)
- Days of Weariness Wretchedness
   God of Redemption (Neh 9:9-11)
   God of Revelation (Neh 9:12-13)
   God of Rest (Neh 9:14)
   God of Resources (Neh 9:15)
- Days of Wandering  (40 years) Amos 5:25-26
   Lawlessness: Perversion of the Jews (Neh 9:16-18)
   - God of Pardon
   Longsuffering: Patience of Jehovah (Neh 9:19-21)
   - God of Provision
- Days of Winning (Neh 9:22-25) Joshua
   Countries - Possession
   Children - Posterity
   Conquest - Prevailing
   Complacency - Prosperity
- Days of Waning (Neh 9:26-29) Judges
   Rebellion (Neh 9:26)
   Retribution (Neh 9:27a)
   Repentance (Neh 9:27b)
   Recovery (Neh 9:27c)
   Rest (Neh 9:28a)
   Regression (Neh 9:28b)
   Repetition (Neh 9:29)
- Days of Waywardness (Neh 9:30-31) Kings
   Compassionate Ministry
      "many years didst Thou forbear them" Neh 9:30a
   Clear Message
      "testifiedst against them by Thy Spirit in Thy prophets" Neh 9:30b
   Callous Mutiny
      "yet would they not give ear" Neh 9:30c
   Corrective Mandate
      "gavest Thou them into the hand of the people" Neh 9:30d
   Covenantal Mercy
      "Thy great mercies' sake" Neh 9:31a
   Conserving Magnanimity
      "Thou didst not utterly consume them, nor forsake them" Neh 9:31b
   Creatorial Majesty
      "Thou art a gracious and merciful God"

Neh 9:32-38 Humility - Acceptance of Judgement
- Repentance (Neh 9:32-35)
   Attributes of Jehovah
   Acknowledgement of Justice
   Apostasy of the Jews
- Renewal (Neh 9:36-38)
   Commitment to Serve
   Consequences of their Sins
   Covenant to be Sealed


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